We offer a variety of trips depending on the time of the year, fishing conditions, and your personal preferences.


WATERFOWL: Duck season is still in full swing… we start fishing in February!


February through April:
INSHORE ROCKFISHING (Striped Bass): We offer several different options for our inshore Rockfishing packages. North Carolina experiences one of the longest and most productive Striped Bass fisheries in the world. These fish are a staple in our way of life. Half and full day trips on the Albemarle Sound are available. We typically use our 23 foot Maycraft for these trips to allow access into the shallower backwaters of our waterways. 2 fish over 18 inches per person per day is the keepable limit… everything else is catch and release. All light tackle gear and fly rods. Catching 30-50 fish a day is not uncommon… “School” size fish make this trip one of our favorites and most popular. We offer “split” full day packages that include lodging with an afternoon trip the first day and a morning trip on the second day. Two limits of fish for you plus a night’s stay in our inland lodge. 4 person maximum, 3 recommended.

Half day: $400.00. Full day (no lodging): $750.00. “Split” Full day with lodging: $850.00.


SUMMER May thru September:
NEARSHORE OREGON INLET: The Fistful is in Manteo, North Carolina for the the summer fishing season. Half Day (4 hour), Three-Quarter Day (6 hour), and Full Day (10 hour) trips for SPANISH and KING MACKERAL, BLUEFISH, COBIA, DRUM, TRIGGERFISH, TILEFISH, AMBERJACK, SHARK, DOLPHIN (Mahi Mahi), ALBECORE, BONITA, SPADEFISH and SHARKS.


Species targeted depends on the length of the trip.  On a Half Day trip you can expect to have a great morning or afternoon catching SPANISH MACKERAL, BLUEFISH, TRIGGERFISH, and the occasional COBIA or DRUM.  3/4 and Full Day Nearshore trips give you the option to choose your species. We can stay close to the beach or travel up to 20 miles for larger species not mentioned in the Half Day trip. Trolling for DOLPHIN (MAHI MAHI) and targeting AMBERJACK, TRIGGERFISH, SPADEFISH, SHARK, TILE FISH, SEA BASS and KING MACKERAL are all options on Full Day trips. 6 person maximum.


Half Day (4 hour): $625.00 ($650.00 credit card).  3/4 Day (6 hour): $900.00 ($950.00 credit card). Full Day (10 hour): $1500.00 ($1575.00 credit card).


OFFSHORE OREGON INLET: Our all day OffShore trips travel all the way out to the Gulf Stream in search of deep water Billfish, Pelagics, Etc…  species such as BLUE MARLIN, WHITE MARLIN, SAILFISH, TUNA (Yellowfin, Blackfin, and BigEye), WAHOO, DOLPHIN (MAHI MAHI), SHARKS, BOTTOM FISH and MORE. These trips are hard core adventures and you never know what you will see out there!  6 person maximum.


Full Day: $2000.00 ($2100.00 credit card).


October thru December:
WATERFOWL: This is when the Fistful gets a much deserved rest and we switch gears to WATERFOWL hunting through January. We run all our hunts through our outfitting service: ALBEMARLE OUTFITTERS. Hunting season updates and pictures can be monitored through our facebook pages (Albemarle Outfitters and Fistful Sportfishing). We will be back to the fish in February!



We also offer sightseeing and nature tours, sunset cruises, and other trips customized to your specific needs and desires plus we have connections and relationships with other local charter captains – if we can’t match your needs with our boat – we can find someone who can. Just let us know what you are looking for… We love creating a trip that makes those memories you’ll never forget!

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